Letter of Note Nasa

Why Explore Space? In 1970, a Zambia-based nun named Sister Mary Jucunda wrote to Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger, then-associate director of science at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, in response to his ongoing research into a piloted mission to Mars. Specifically, she asked how he could suggest spending billions of dollars on such a project at a time when so many children were starving on … Continue reading

Sir John Surtees

John Surtees CBE, 1934 – 2017   Spa 1965 wearing the #1 after taking 1964 World  Championship for Ferrari. Cars and film were the best then.     http://www.telegraph.co.uk/formula-1/2017/03/10/john-surtees-thrived-motor-racings-best-dangerous-era-will/

Welcome to Eaglesnest Texas

  The Super “Blood Moon” of 2015. The last one was in 1982 when my daughter was in kindergarten. It was a cool dark night in Anderson Texas and took pictures with my Pentax LX on Ektachrome 400. on my trusty Leitz Tiltall and Meade 1000mm F11 Cassegrain reflector. This one I shoot with the same … Continue reading